LBM AGTECH : WORLD’S FIRST PROVEN, commercial large scale shipping container farm.

Fully operational hydroponic growing complex

Spécialistes dans la fabrication de complexes d’agriculture hydroponique, écologique et locale,

At LBM, we’ll deliver a fully operational hydroponic growing complex utilizing our plug and grow, patent pending system of recycled shipping containers. Grow locally, eco-friendly, fresh and tasty food wihout any pesticides or GMO, all year round!


Technology 100% Made in Quebec, Canada

LBM Agtech Canadian company based in Laval, Québec, and  90% of our technology come from less than a 25 km area  from our building.


Solution innovatrice



Socialy responsible


Growing fresh, local food profitably, all over the planet, all year round? Yes it’s possible.

No matter the climate or how far you are from supply towns, develop food self-sufficiency by growing fresh, quality produce locally.

By being able to locate our hydroponic complexes solutions in the worst weather conditions, we are able to promote local buying and employment. By the same token, we reduce the stress of food deserts and greenhouse gases (GHG) linked to the transportation of food.

LBM AGTECH: Food autonomy for everyone

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