Container Greenhouses

Powered by our patent-pending technology, our greenhouses are easy to operate, but you always have access to the support of our team. Made from recycled containers, our greenhouses are modular according to your ambitions!

Our construction concept:
modular and easily expandable

Our solutions adapt to you! You can choose the modules that suit you and create your hydroponic complex according to your needs, or opt for one of our pre-modular indoor greenhouses.

Build your project according to your ambition

Our pre-modulated greenhouses

icône de module de base

Base modules

Starting module including common areas:

  • SAS
  • Machine room
  • Electrical room
  • Salle de germination
  • Nursery
  • Work area
  • Loading area

    Réception / Expédition, Réfrigérée

  • Salle de repos/ toilettes
  • Zone d’entreposage
icône de production

Production modules

Chaque module est composé d’un conteneur permettant la production d’une variété:

  • Modules L: leafy vegetables

    (laitues, fines herbes, chou frisé, etc.)

  • Les modules T: tomates
  • Modules P: bell peppers
  • Modules S: Strawberries
  • Modules M: Mushrooms
icône de options


Because everything is possible:

  • Additional toilets
  • Office
  • And more..

Our pre-modulated greenhouses

A typical vegetable farming complex that includes everything you need to have an autonomous and profitable business.


LBM - 400

Comprised of a basic module and an L5 module (5 leaf vegetable production units).

Produit jusqu’à 400,000 lettuce units per year.

LBM – 800

Comprised of a basic module and an L10 module (10 leaf vegetable production units).

Produit jusqu’à 800,000 lettuce units per year.

Food self-sufficiency within everyone's reach !

Do you have a project in mind?