Our technology

Our patent-pending engineering design is the result of 4 years of research. We are thus the first to develop a viable and profitable large-scale hydroponic indoor greenhouse solution, consistently producing high-quality produce

We design our products with one goal in mind: OPTIMIZE.

Optimize the production area, work ergonomics, energy consumption, quality, and profitability.

The construction

The construction of the greenhouses can be done from an existing building, agricultural domes, or containers.

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Agricultural Dome

These are domes common in the agricultural world. Those we use are insulated and opaque. A practical and quick-to-install solution.

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Existing Building

It is possible to convert existing buildings such as an old barn, an old factory, etc. We must ensure that the size of this building is large enough to accommodate our technology, that it is insulated, and that it meets food standards. If it doesn't, we can help you.


In Container

In recent years, some manufacturers have given container greenhouses a bad reputation, but LBM AGTECH has developed an approach that confounds even the most skeptical.

The specific features of our technology

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High-efficiency LED lights

We couldn't find an agricultural light on the market that met our standards. So, we created it! Our DELL is not only energy efficient but has the ability to replicate the solar spectrum and allows for adjustments like no other.

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Filtration system

Our patent-pending filtration system eliminates pathogens and bacteria. This system allows us to recirculate the water: a reduction in consumption of more than 90% compared to soil-based or conventional greenhouse crops.

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Just what you need, where you need it. Our automation system is there to save you time and money, not just for show. Managing your environment (temperature, humidity, adjusting brightness and optimal spectrum), nutrient dosing, and pump control are thus made easier. Receive alerts on your mobile device, get real-time readings, and weekly reports.

LBM AGTECH vs. Conventional Greenhouses


The undeniable benefits of our solution!

100% integrated solution

No worries: we've got you covered! LBM offers you complete solutions from construction to training, so that you are 100% operational from the moment you start using the product.

100% controlled environment

Gone are the losses due to weather uncertainties! Hours of sunlight, humidity, water supply, temperature: you have full control. A solution suited for the harshest climates.

Can be installed anywhere

White soil, contaminated, non-arable land, urban environments, mining company: no problem! Lack of space? An area of just 5,000 square feet produces the equivalent of 10 acres of land.


With our solution, space is no longer an issue. Ensure a production of 1,800 kg/week with a location of only 3,200 square feet.

High production yield

Our unique design maximizes the production space while providing a comfortable work ergonomics that simplifies handling and ensures comfort for employees.

Ease of recruiting labor

No more need to rely on foreign workers to help out during peak season. By cultivating consistently 12 months a year, you'll have no trouble hiring people from your community.


Depending on the installation conditions and the size of the complex, the return on investment ranges from 3 to 5 years. Your consistent production yield throughout the year gives you a clear advantage over the competition for the sale of your products - or saves you money on purchasing goods if you are in a remote area.


You now know that our solutions provide water and energy savings, reduced transportation, use recycled materials, and are made without pesticides. But did you know that a complex of 10 production units can reduce CO2 emissions by 50 tons per year? Future generations will thank you.

Haute qualité des produits

Des produits toujours frais, sans pesticides ni OGM puisque l’environnement est totalement contrôlé, assurant une protection contre les insectes et des animaux indésirables. Sans fertilisant d’origine animale, on élimine également les risque de contamination bactériologique (E-Coli), si fréquent dans l’agriculture conventionnelle. Le résultat : un produit savoureux à haute valeur nutritionnelle.

Food self-sufficiency within everyone's reach !

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