Business Model: White Label

Create your own path

You have a unique vision, and you want to bring it to life independently?

Our 'White Label' business model is designed for you. Take control of the development while benefiting from our technical expertise."

Personalized guidance

From construction to training

Build your greenhouse complex to your specifications and take advantage of our comprehensive training to ensure that you and your employees have all the necessary skills to succeed.

Do you have a building with underutilized space?

Contact us to discover how we can revitalize your existing building with our greenhouses!

Build your project according to your ambition

Our pre-modulated greenhouses

Our greenhouse complexes provide you with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including base and production modules. You also have the option to choose from various customization options for your cultivation space.

icône de module de base

Base modules

Starting module including common areas:

  • SAS
  • Machine room
  • Electrical room
  • Germination room
  • Nursery
  • Work area
  • Loading area

    Réception / Expédition, Réfrigérée

  • Salle de repos / toilettes
  • Storage area
icône de production

Production modules

Each module consists of a section for the production of a variety:

  • Modules L: leafy vegetables

    (laitues, fines herbes, chou frisé, etc.)

  • Les modules T: tomates
  • Modules P: bell peppers
  • Modules S: Strawberries
  • Modules M: Mushrooms
icône de production

Optional modules

Because everything is possible:

  • Additional toilets

    (laitues, fines herbes, chou frisé, etc.)

  • Office
  • And more..
Open your own doors

Flexibility in distribution

Develop your own distribution channels and take control of product sales and transportation. This flexibility allows you to explore strategies that align with your unique vision.

A company that reflects your vision

Launch your registered company

With the "White Label" model, you have the opportunity to create and launch your own registered company, showcasing your identity.

Food self-sufficiency within everyone's reach !

Do you have a project in mind?